hoist the sails for the blu26 regatta program 2018 and anniversary!

It’s been 10 years, since the first blu26 yacht was baptized! Along the 2018 season, the class will celebrate this amazing decennial success story.

From the blu26 as creation of a match race yacht to the blu26 as repute and established regatta and leisure boat today.

For the 9th time in a row, the season kicks-off with the regatta training in Riva del Garda at Lake Garda from 5 to 8 April. The training is again organized by Bluboats and the Sailingcenter Tegernsee. The holistic 4-day program will be prepared and supervised by sailing coaches Christian ‘Blumi’ Scherrer and Stephan Eder, offering a top preparation for the sailing season. Ambitioned regatta sailors, as well as all those aspiring to be, are invited to join the training.

The next highlight of the season is the blu26 Swiss Championship from 20 to 22 April at Lake Zug. Not only the location and the hosting Yacht Club Zug are at highest level, also the anniversary program is garnished with festivities.

The blu26 class has fallen in love with Tegernsee. Its thermic winds, the breathtaking scenery and perfect hosts are again part of the 2018 program. With the organization of the Swiss Championship and a double win in 2017, the Bavarian have shown how to celebrate. The blu26 class looks forward to the Bavarian Cup from 11 to 12 May!

The Romanshorn Cup at Bodensee will hopefully hook on the great wind conditions of 2017, and present the regatta from 9 to 10 June in a special mode. To also allow those teams and newcomers to participate that do not have an own boat, a new ‘chaperone format’ will be announced. Stay tuned! 

After Montenegro is before Denmark! The blu26 class conquers the north and introduces a new regatta destination for the anniversary year: Middelfart. The regatta takes place from 30 June to 1 July, while all participating teams travel light as the fleet is already on site. Wind guarantee and strong local teams will keep the level up high!

The St. Moritz Cup from 8 to 9 September is a milestone of the anniversary year. The Lake of St. Moritz was the genesis of the blu26 as match race yacht and so of a decennial success story. A good reason to celebrate! All teams will again travel light, also to the Engadin. The onsite fleet offers a great opportunity for teams and newcomers to participate without own boat. The dynamic rotation mode and the short runs have proven to be very attractive – for the sailors as well as for the spectators!

The Zurich Cup from 29 to 30 September marks the season’s finish at the blu26 home base. Although the wind conditions of the Lake Zurich basin may be a lucky draw, the field is at all times very strong with the season’s frontrunners at the starting line. Don't miss the runup to the blu26 Anniversary Cup! 

Blu26 Programm 2018

Picture: Jürg Kaufmann