Veni, vidi, vinci! Interview with a new blu26 owner

On May 9, and with Neptune’s blessings, the blu26 fleet has welcomed a new family member. Julian Franke-Ruthel from Bavaria, blu26 sailor for many years, has become proud owner of ‘vinci’. We asked him how it feels and what it takes to be a blu26 boat owner. An inspiration for all those that intend to buy a blu26. 

Julian, how did your sailing story begin? 

Together with my wife and my kids we have logged many miles on the Mediterranean Sea and other beautiful places. Still in the MaxiCosy baby seat my three boys have started to learn and love sailing. For me and my family, sailing is an important shared activity that connects many iconic family moments. Today, my son William is part of team ‘vinci’. 

You are a sailing-aficionado, active member of the blu26 class since its foundation, participating at almost all regattas with talented sailors on board. About one year ago you have become member of the blu26 class committee. Why has it taken 10 years for ‘vinci’ to happen? 

Indeed, it’s over 11 years now that I spend my time sailing the blu26 and with members of the class, which have become an important focal point in my life. Friendships and companionships that have grown over the years, especially with my blu26 friends from Switzerland, are wonderful and a matter close to my heart. 

I’ve been a bowman for many years on various blu’s and I haven’t missed one Lake Garda training during all these years. Turning 51, I thought the bowman position is now over and it’s time for something new. I have gained initial experiences as a skipper renting GER12 Sailingcenter. At all times, encouraged and assisted by class members and not to forget Christian ‘Blumi’ Scherrer. After an intermediate phase as co-owner of a blu boat, in 2020 I have decided to buy GER32. An important step for me. My first own boat! The transfer coincided with the class’ invitation to join and engage as committee member. And this is how it is today. It’s a pleasure and honor to work with great people for great people, realizing wonderful joint events. 

IMG 5078 l

Please, tell us more about GER32

In 2021, GER32 was born NED32 in The Netherlands. The shipyard built her as a demo boat. In 2015 she did what many Dutch do, she left The Netherlands to settle in Austria, at the beautiful Lake Wolfgang. New AUT287 and named ‘Mia’, she detained many beautiful moments together with team ‘Cool Mama’ and the bu26 sailing class. The careful owner passed her on in a good condition – and today she’s my charm. May 9 in Zug, ‘vinci’ was officially baptized by Neptune and received his blessings. 

‘vinci’, what were your thoughts that led to the naming? 

Today GER32 goes with the name ‘vinci’ and serves team ‘vincisailing’. The name says it all. From two viewpoints: of course, we’d like to attain top rankings, and this is obviously what shall reflect with the name. But that’s not all. The name means something like “…go winning…”. My intention is to express that everyone who connects with or sails the boat, has a gain and pleasure. 

IMG 5067 l

‘vinci’s’ emblem is unique and points to Leonardo da Vinci. What’s the story behind?  

Yes, that’s correct, the emblem and the lettering is a reminiscence and an expression of my admiration for Leonardo da Vinic. In his most famous depiction of the Vitruvian human, he shows the interconnection between the human body and the basic geometric forms. This is what I find fascinating with the blu26 – and with boats in general -, that are obviously catered by humans, and follow clear geometric thoughts in their construction. 

Thank you so much for this conversation, Julian. We are very pleased to welcome ‘vinci’ as our latest member to the blu26 class family and team ‘vincisailing’ at the start of many regattas to come. May the name say it all! 

Author: Céline Zuber



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