Blu26 master class sets the sails and records straight

This year, Bluboats hosts the 8th Regatta Training edition on Lake Garda. The name ‘Garda’ means "place of observation", a perfect match with the training set.

Looking better than ever, six blu26 from Switzerland and Germany - 24 sailors overall - enter the Riva marina to taste the waters. Over four days pro-sailors Christian ‘Blumi’ Scherrer and Stephan Eder get the best out of the teams ahead of the regatta season. Offshore training and racing, along onshore video analysis and tutoring guarantee best groundworks. But first, upon arrival the 30 participants enjoy an nice welcome reception at the Sailing Club Fraglia della Vela Riva.

Day 1, 30 March 2017 – First warmup after winter break

The re-fitted boats have come out of the winter shed, and the crews are putting their blu26 to the test in a first offshore practice. Today it is all about basic settings and drills, getting the teams back in sync. Ferdinand of the Celeste crew admits that he appreciates the scale and level of the training. “I feel all crews are ready to sail close hauled” he explains, “and we definitely weren’t sheltered on this first training day. There is a lot of work ahead of us.” In the evening repute “Betty’s” in Riva opens its door exclusively, for a very nice dinner - and to a select wine cellar. The great atmosphere sets the tone for the rest of the training days.

Day 2, 31 March 2017 – Bonding the teams and racing the boats: spinnaker training

‘Hazel’ is returning to the blu26 training for a fourth consecutive edition. “We are working hard on maintaining a competitive crew ahead of the sailing season”, says Mike. Day 2 is a reality check for team Hazel to promote teamwork and harmonize maneuvers, especially on the downwind. Giving the participants the spinnaker focus training they need, today the coaches – and the wind - put all crews to the proof. Nonetheless, a fun lunch break at “Da Umberto” is followed by a mini-regatta to the chef’s honor - and a maxi-bottle of Prosecco.

Day 3, 1 April 2017 – Running like clockwork on up and downs

Today, the focus lies on practicing up and downs, precise line ups, and timely starts. The rolling sequence of three starts in a row in a three-minute rhythm is demanding. In a regatta-like setup, the competing teams are further challenged by strong winds. Every day, the valuable debriefing and video analysis reveal goof ups and improvement potentials. Thereby, the coaches are insisting and into the details. There is no question good progress is being made – physically and tactically.

Day 4, 2 April 2017 – Entering the regatta season with new ambitions

Three complete races round off this year’s training. “This was the first preparation the team did together this year, and it was very good. I am happy about the camp and our work”, says Ferdinand. The strong winds poured all efforts into focus, performance, and teamwork. After four intense training days on Lake Garda, the blu26 boats and teams are returning to their base, ready for a successful regatta season.

Big thanks go to Christian ‘Blumi’ Scherrer, Stephan Eder as well as to the Sailing Club Fraglia della Vela Riva, for their great engagements in realizing the camp.

Annually in early spring, the blu26 regatta training is taking place on Lake Garda benefitting of best wind conditions. The training is a major landmark in the blu26 season to upgrade the fleet ahead of the regatta period. The Garda area offers a sub-Mediterranean climate, mild and agreeable. The lake is swept by two primary high-altitude mountain winds that may be intense: the “Pelér” blows from north to south in the morning, when the tepid air of the lake rises and gets air from the Valle del Sarca. The afternoon’s “Ora” blows from the south, moving cooler air to the mountains that are warmed up by sunlight. And there are many other secondary winds and breezes that make sailing on lake Garda extremely exciting – and challenging.

Blu26 Class regatta season 2017:

29/30 April - blu26 Cup Zug

26/27 Mai - blu26 Race Montenegro (MNE)

24/25 Juni - blu26 Cup Romanshorn

19/20 August - blu26 Cup St. Moritz

15-17 September - blu26 Int. Swiss Championship Bayern (GER)

29 September - GV blu26 International Class Association in Zürich

30 September/01 Oktober - blu26 Cup Zürich

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Author: Céline Zuber, Blu26 Class Communications