Blu26 Cup Romanshorn Team Hazel wins @4Bft

Great sailing conditions on a gray, mostly dry weekend. Ten teams had registered for this year's Blu26 Cup Romanshorn. The weather forecasts in advance were so-so to very bad. Then, on Saturday, the weather was very changeable.

While putting the boats to sea, the sun and rain alternated continuously. A thunderstorm was brewing across the lake during the skipper meeting, so it was decided to sail at 14:00.

However, the situation had improved a half an hour earlier, and the signal for departure was given.

Unfortunately, the wind situation was a bit poor after the thunderstorm, but the wait was sweetened with warm sunshine from there on. Some more wind onset in the latter part of the afternoon. However, it was very whirly and not consistent, making it difficult to set a course for the racing committee. Eventually, despite the difficult conditions, a race could be started and completed successfully. Team Voodoo Child was able to win the race before Giachen Duas and Giachen Ün.

The sailors were greeted on shore with a well-deserved free beer. Last disagreements were discussed at the following spaghetti-chitchat with salad buffet, and everyone enjoyed the rest of the day looking forward to tomorrow with high spirits.

On Sunday, the weather conditions were grey and wet at first. But because the wind conditions were excellent, the motto was: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing! The first race of the day was started quickly. The teams had to decide whether they wanted to do the race with genua or jib. After the first race, the wind picked up sharply and also the waves became more intense. Now the last teams switched on the jib as the headsail as well. 

Three more races followed, all of which were held combative but fair in high winds and sea. The wind calmed a bit before the last race of the day, which did not feel too bad after the efforts of the previous races. The podium was fought for heavily. At the end of the two days and five sailed races, team Hazel was able to take the prize for the first place. Further on the podium war Giachen Duas, which came in second place before Voodoo Child in third place.

To underline the almost perfect weekend, the boats could be unrigged and taken out of the water in bright sunshine.

It was a great sailing weekend, and the blu26 class cannot wait for the upcoming Swiss Championship in St. Moritz in early September.



Report: Fabrice Kohler, Photos: YCRo, Hörbi Brüllmann

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