blu26 outlook after «Corona-Doldrums»

After weeks of drastic measures and restrictions, reopening steps are at the horizon. Last Thursday the Swiss Federal Council informed about the anticipated three-phase exit strategy. What does the exit strategy mean in terms of sailing activities and the blu26 season 2020?

Since weeks many of us are confronted with home office, childcare, home schooling, a new ‘togetherness’ and renunciation. Many of us may not even have had the chance to water their boat and can hardly renounce to the current delightful sailing conditions. We very much regret that the blu26 training camp and the first blu26 Cup at Lake Garda with a new maximum number of registrations could not take place. Overall in the sports sector no loosening appears realistic at short term. Sports and leisure facilities are not part of the amenities that may reopen as of 27 April and are expected to remain closed until 11 May. Moreover, a gathering of more than 5 people remains prohibited during the first two phases of the reopening. 

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For the blu26 season this means that the club and sailing activities remain restricted and expected to commence again as of 8 June at the earliest. With this backdrop, the blu26 Cup Zug and presumably the European Open Event in Middelfart, Denmark will regretfully not take place as scheduled. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and we currently expect to carry out the blu26 Swiss Championship from 21 to 23 August in St. Moritz, as well as the blu26 Cup Bavaria from 19 to 20 September and blu26 Cup Zurich from 3 to 4 October, as planned. 

To allow for a ‘warm up’ ahead of St. Moritz, we look forward to hosting a blu26 ‘pop-up Cup’, as soon as the guidelines of the Federal Council allow to do so. The event will most likely take place at Lake Zug. The announcement and more details are planned to be communicated approximately 3 weeks ahead of the event. We hope and look forward to welcoming all of you then. 

Until then, sailing is of course allowed on all Swiss lakes as long as the guidelines by the Federal Council can be respected. It will take while until we are through the «Corona-Doldrums» and back to normal. Thank you very much for your patience and stay well. 

Your BICA Committee