Hazel remains undefeated despite strong line-up

History books will remember the 2020 sailing season as a special one. Despite the limitations implied by the public health crises, the blu26 class was engaged in maintaining an appealing schedule of events that wrapped up last weekend with the blu26 Cup Zurich.

A strong lineup with 11 crews from across Switzerland and Denmark met during two beautiful autumn daysto race in the Zurich lake basin. A fresh and steady wind from the south was followed by lighter, rather twisting winds, that allowed for four runs overall. Team Hazel from the Zurich Yacht Club upholds its leadership and wins the blu26 Cup Zürich, as well as the overall bluboats Cup 2020. 


Team Hazel,with Anita di Iasio, Michael Klötzli (skipper), Bruno Coduri and Dirk Euler, sailed through this condensed season on a mission to win - again.After finishing first at the blu26 Cup Zug and at the Swiss Championship in St. Moritz, the team remains unbeaten and wins the blu26 Cup Zürich. With this, the blu26 Cup Zurich 2020 goes to team Hazel from Zurich Yacht Clubfollowed by the Danish team GoSailwithskipper Søren Laugesen second,and team wyunawith skipper Michael Adamczyk from Yacht Club Zug thirdConsidering the annual ranking, whichdetermines the bluboats Cup 2020, team Giachen Ün from St. Moritzfinishessecond und team GoSail thirdCongratulations to these achievements! Access the ranking of the blu26 Cup Zürich here and of the bluboats Cup 2020 here (annual ranking). 


Thanks to the ZurichYacht Club forthe perfect organization and execution of the Zurich Herbstpreis 2020,as well as for the generous hosting.

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A day before the races, Friday, 2 October, the annual meeting of the blu26 International Class Association took place. The assembly confirmed Julian Franke-Ruthel as new committee member and Søren Laugesen as class ambassador for the Nordics. 

Recapturing the blu26 season 2020, the class looks back on a remarkable year in many ways: despite Covid-19 restrictions, the blu26 season kicked off in May with a unique training and racing combo. The training was led by Christian “Blumi” Scherrer and represented a Swiss version of the traditional blu26 Garda camp. In August, the blu26 class was the first to host an official Swiss Championship, which took place in St. Moritz - a highlight of the Swiss sailing calendar. Lastlythe class introduced the ‘Rookie Initiative’ as a new program and contribution to the sailing youth. Two young teams benefitted from training sessions on Lake Zug and Zürich and from wildcards to participate in the blu26 Swiss Championship St. Moritz. An additional team joined the blu26 Cup Zurich under the Rookie Initiative patronage. The class will uphold the programin 2021, as an activity to support passionate young sailors as they evolve from jolly boat to yacht sailing,and to open a door to an attractive sailing class.


The blu26 class is looking forward to an exciting sailing season 2021and to welcoming you next year.Register to the newsletter program to stay on top of the blu26 agenda 2021!

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Author: Céline Zuber Pictures: Sébastien Rohner | Sailing Destination