Blu26 Regatta Training on Lake Garda

On Wednesday afternoon the cold weather of Switzerland followed us till Italy. The launching of the boats in the wind and light rain was not very cozy, but no problems for the sailors.

Pizzeria Porticciolo welcomed us in the evening and delivered all the hungry guys with pizzas. Not even the bad weather could stop us.
Thursday morning, the low pressure system above the Alps gave us little rain and stormy winds. The crews needed to manage gusty wind up to 22 knots. They became used to it very quickly and spent an exhausting but instructive morning on the water. After a big meal in the Yacht Club Acquafresca and a first debriefing with Coach Christian Scherrer, the teams improved their skills in the lighter southerly afternoon wind.

The weather got better soon and with that, the thermic winds on the lake showed up. We got blue sky, warm temperatures and good wind the next morning. In up to 25 knots of stable northerly breeze, the teams worked on their strong wind skills and we were able to star some practice races and to train time on distance in heavy wind. Just in time after lunch, the southerly breeze arise and the teams had time to work on the spinnaker trim and manoeuvers.

On Saturday morning it was time to practice some regatta starts and up wind speed tests. In the afternoon we started the regatta series and all the work the last days was noticeable. The boats crossed the line in full speed and with good timing. All the hungry mouths were fed in the evening at Ristorante di Umberto. One plate after the other was served and everyone got something.

After the adjustment to daylight saving time the tired faces just saw little breeze on day four of the regatta training. Another race was started but because of too little wind was counted on the first upwind mark. At the end three races were counted for the trainings series. Winner of each race was reigning class champion SUI 26 Team VoodooChild. In second place SUI 36 Visby with newcomer Marcel Punschke and in third place Team Hazel. All the crews got a super Italian panettone for the long way home.

Big thank you to the coaches Christian Scherrer and Stephan Eder. They managed to improve each team and gave valuable tips to sail the boat faster, safer and easier. I would like to give thanks to the crew of Yacht Club Acquafresca Georgia, Csinzia and Serena and to Ivan, who looked after our boats really carefully.