It was unpredictable who is going to make it

The blu26 class is an established guest in Romanshorn. The winning team ‘Giachem Duas’ defined a new amplitude and competitive verge for the next blu26 regatta in St. Moritz.

With ten teams at the start of the race and some good luck with weather and wind, the 2017 regatta will remain in excellent remembrance. Sailors that know Lake Constance are aware: it may be top or flop. Last weekend though, the lake featured its beautiful and attractive sides. blu26 teams from Germany and Switzerland travelled to Romanshorn to compete with a good breeze of 2-4 BF. Despite partly volatile wind conditions, the race committee led by Susanne Schulze and Marco Bühler has done a great job by realizing nine runs overall.

«At length, it was unpredictable who is going to make it”, said Marco Danuser “Nusi”, who was part of the winning team from St. Moritz. Team ‘Hazel’ with Michael Klötzli who finished third, and team ‘blunote’ with Reinhard Rigling second, couldn’t dispute ‘Giachem Duas’ first place. They won tactically clever and with smooth maneuvers. A special mention deserve the newcomers that are improving remarkably. Teams that just started sailing in the blu26 class or who were freshly composed have impressed with good performances and clearly positioned themselves.

The 2017 season continues to be exciting! Already in August, the winning team of Romanshorn calls the blu26 class to the Engadin. Thanks to the repute Maloja wind, the short runs and the numerous teams sailing in a dynamic rotation mode, the blu26 Cup St. Moritz remains an attractive event for sailors and spectators alike, and is the next highlight on the blu26 agenda! 

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Find more information about the blu26 regatta season 2017 at And so we continue:

19/20 August - blu26 Cup St. Moritz

15-17 September - blu26 Int. Swiss Championship Bayern (GER)

29 September - GV blu26 International Class Association in Zürich

30 September/01 Oktober - blu26 Cup Zürich


Author: Céline Zuber, Blu26 Class Communications | Pictures: Jürg Bollier and Herbert Brüllmann, Yacht Club Romanshorn