blu26 Cup Romanshorn: tactics and trim were critical

Last weekend, the charming town Romanshorn at Lake Constance welcomed the blu26 class generously: pure summer sun, great hospitality by the Yacht Club Romanshorn, and a surprisingly nice breeze.

Ten teams met for the third event of the bluboat Cup 2018, after the Swiss Championship in Zug and the blu26 Cup Bavaria. Given the rather light wind conditions, clever tactics and an optimal trim were prerequisites to keep the bow front. Team Hazel with skipper Michael Klötzli stayed ahead of the fleet and won the regatta clearly.


The thermic winds on Lake Constance may be varying, which proofed to be the case last weekend. The wind conditions on Saturday afternoon came short and allowed for just one valid run – but then again there was time for fun swimming in the lake! Later in the day, the teams met for dinner at Yacht Club Romanshorn and enjoyed a delightful hospitality. It's the collegial spirit which defines the blu26 class and almost lived up to family-like ambience.


The winds on Sunday were hesitant, but in the end made up for the test of patience on the previous day. A comparably steady breeze from the north allowed for four great additional runs. “With light wind conditions, it is important to steer a fast course, to optimize the sail and weight trim, and minimize maneuvers,” says Michael Klötzli. Team Hazel proofed to master these skills best and won the blu26 Cup Romanshorn ahead of Team Giachen Ün with skipper Christa Kuster second, and title holder Giachem Duas with skipper Ricardo Zweifel in third place.


The blu26 class appreciates and thanks Yacht Club Romanshorn, the organizing committee led by Marco Bühler, and all onsite supporters that allowed for this great regatta weekend to take place.

The 2018 sailing season is full on and both teams from St. Moritz in second and third place will use the blu26 Cup St. Moritz to not only defeat the Maloja wind. But first, the crews travel to Denmark. With the blu26 10th anniversary this year, the class introduces a new sailing destination: Middelfart! There, GoSail and the Fredericia Yacht Club are awaiting the blu26 teams for two days filled with great sailing and a taste of «Hygge» culture.

Results blu26 Cup Romanshorn

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Author: Céline Zuber | Pictures: Yacht Club Romanshorn