A homerun to round off the blu26 anniversary season

Zurich, 30 September 2018 – Last Saturday, lake Zurich clearly invited for sailing. 10 teams signed up for the blu26 Cup Zurich, among them a guest crew from Middelfart, Denmark! There is no way too far to participate in a blu26 Cup.

The lake basin offered a great 3 to 4 bft volatile breeze challenging the crews on a high level. Sunday presented pure autumn sun, however rather modest wind conditions. In the end team Hazel secured not only the blu26 Cup Zurich, but also the overall blu26 Cup 2018 win. Congratulations! 


The blu26 Cup victory of the anniversary year was decided over the last weekend. And all leading crews were there! Saturday was to tip the scale for the podium finish. After five blu26 Cups this season, five runs decided on this year’s Cup winner. The Zurich lake basin offered 3 to 4 bft, in gusts up to 5 bft, and for the sailors the opportunity to fix the ranking. For Sunday the wind forecast did slow down considerably, and the Zurich lake doldrums almost became a trial of patience.


Team ‘Hazel’ with skipper Michel Klötzli of Yacht Club Zurich were leading in the overall Cup positions and in the end won not only the blu26 Cup Zurich, but also this year’s blu26 Cup overall. “The continuum in the team composition, regular trainings, as well as the participation in all blu26 Cups was our key to success”, says Dirk Euler of Team Hazel. And this did pay out indeed! Team Hazel wins the Zurich Cup, followed by team ‘Jacqueline’ with skipper Tobias Hoh 2ndund team ‘Giachen Duos’ mit Skipper Ricardo Zweifel 3rd. Looking at the blu26 Cup ranking overall, team ‘Giachen Duos’ is on 2nd place, followed by team ‘Voodoo Child’ with skipper David Menti on 3rdplace.


This year 25 teams were positioned for the annual blu26 Cup ranking. Over the last three years the class was able to raise the average number of teams in the starting field. To uphold the appeal of the class, to care for the ‘big family’ character and to spark new blu26 sailors are the class’ continuous premises. On Friday evening before the regatta weekend the blu26 International Class Association held its annual assembly. An exciting program is awaiting the class with likely new sailing destinations.


The blu26 class thanks the Zurich Yacht Club for the great organization and realization of the Zurich Herbstpreis 2018, and for the delightful hospitality.

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Report: Céline Zuber | Pictures: Sébastien Rohner, Destination Sailing