Entry fee

To get a good overview of the payment, please write down the individual amounts and the total payment. The entry fee (incl. boat renting) is CHF 350 per team. In addition:

The entry fee of CHF 350.- and the additional voluntary contribution should be paid till 5. August 2017 or if late entry after 5 days to: IBAN: CH22 8148 7000 0401 6789 3, Blu26 International Class Association, Raiffeisen Bank Zürich

Dinner on Friday (à discretion „Hot Stone Piöda“ at Hotel Hauser)

Dinner on Saturday (Seglerabend at the Boatyard, Saladbuffet, Spaghetti and Dessert) 


We are aware that every participant starts at his own risk in a race and the assertion of liability claims of any kind against the organizers and the persons responsible for organizing and implementing the event omitted.

Thanks for the inscription- the team list is updated periodically